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LEARN Initiative

The Lived Experience Advisory and Research Network (LEARN) Initiative is the policy and advocacy arm of PHF. PHF recognizes that healthcare systems perpetuate cycles of violence. Because routine healthcare delivery may worsen or cause additional trauma, many survivors avoid essential care, compromising their health and wellbeing. It is our goal to support power building among survivors on both an individual and collective level and ensure the healthcare system reflects the voices and needs of survivors of gender-based violence. 

The LEARN Initiative strengthens the democratic participation of survivors in healthcare spaces by centering their expertise, insights, and creativity in PHF’s work to redesign the healthcare system. The LEARN Initiative will:

  1. Support survivor-led content development and workshops on becoming an empowered patient.
  2. Support survivor-led content development and training of healthcare systems on survivor-centered care.
  3. Develop the PurpLE Health Justice Group, which connects patients who identify a particular social need with other patients with this shared need, as well as healthcare providers and staff members, to advocate collectively for broader systemic changes. 

PHF understands that without financial security, the ability to manage one’s physical and mental health is significantly compromised. The LEARN Initiative fairly compensates survivors for their work. Additionally, this program provides survivors with employment opportunities in the healthcare space that strengthen their work history and build vital skills, enabling them to become more economically stable and independent.

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