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COVID-19 disproportionately impacts populations that PHF aims to serve: data show an increased death rates among black and Latinx people and an increase in rates of domestic violence and abuse.  While so many are in impossible situations right now, undocumented survivors of GBV are particularly vulnerable due to their trauma histories and lack of eligibility for mainstream sources of support.  

A key element of PHF’s work focuses on the link between physical, mental and financial health.  We know that without financial security, the ability to manage one’s physical and mental health is significantly compromised.  Our larger strategic plan includes programming that will provide employment opportunities for survivors through our LEARN Initiative: Lived Experience Advisory and Research Network.  Pre-pandemic, we imagined piloting these efforts about a year and a half down the road - once PurpLE Family Health launches and is actively providing services.  However, we see a space right now where we can and should implement a COVID-19 LEARN Initiative to inform our future work and provide financial assistance.

Our COVID-19 LEARN Initiative is focused on connecting with undocumented survivors and learning about their experience and its health impact during the pandemic through compensated interviews.  This project enables us to understand key information regarding unique issues participants are facing and the economic and emotional impact of these issues during the pandemic.  This will help us ensure that survivors’ voices are shaping and influencing our work, and amplified throughout the broader healthcare system.  Additionally, it compensates survivors for their key contributions during a time of increasing economic hardship.

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