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We are ending the cycle of gender-based violence against women by providing physical, mental, and financial health services for survivors.

In the News

Politico Magazine: "A New Approach to Domestic Violence"

There’s a quiet movement underway to have doctors and other health care providers take the lead in spotting domestic abuse and — hopefully — intervening before it gets worse.

“For me, the work that I have been doing, nearly for the past decade or so, has really shined a light on all of the holes in which we’ve fallen, woefully short, in understanding this issue and the responsibility of the health care system and medicine in general to address it," Dr. Anita Ravi.

What We Do

Access to Care

Provide quality, trauma- and survivor-informed healthcare at no cost to gender based violence survivors and their children through our affiliated health practice, PurpLE Family Health. Our holistic and integrated model addresses survivors' mental, physical, and financial health.

Survivor Employment

Connect survivors with education and employment opportunities through our Care Navigation / Survivor Leader program, placing survivors at the center of our work to ensure that our services are survivor-informed and survivors can access opportunities for professional development.

Identify & Amplify Best Practices

Use data collected through PurpLE Family Health's work to define a new standard of care for socially and medically complex patients, refining best practices that we disseminate through trainings for other providers.

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