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Educational Materials

The following is a collection of research and educational materials developed by PurpLE Health staff.

A list of PurpLE Health-related publications can also be found on Google Scholar, here

Chapter in the Textbook: "Integrative Social Work Practice with Refugees Asylum Seekers, and other Forcibly Displaced Persons"

Article co-authored by Dr. Ravi on the physical, mental, and socioeconomic health issues of people who have experienced human trafficking.

Letter to the Editor from Dr. Ravi highlights the importance of physicians recognizing a key symptom of trauma.

PHF co-founders Jessica Gorelick, Dr. Harika Pal, and Dr. Anita Ravi authored this publication to educate primary care physicians on identifying and addressing vicarious trauma.

In this illustrated essay for the American Academy of Family Physicians, Dr. Ravi shares why practicing medicine in the midst of a pandemic and economic crisis makes understanding & addressing financial trauma essential work.

Book Chapter from "Routledge International Handbook of Human Trafficking A Multi-Disciplinary and Applied Approach"

Sex-trafficked persons experience significant trauma while exploited, resulting in complex health issues and barriers to health care. Incorporating survivor perspectives is critical in optimizing health care delivery for this population.

"While sex trafficking in the USA is a significant medical and public health issue, there is sparse data on the healthcare needs of and access for this population. This study was designed to identify experiences of domestically sex-trafficked women regarding healthcare access, reproductive health, and infectious diseases while trafficked."

This letter to the editor highlights the importance of recognizing trafficking-informed language in medical education.

Physicians commonly care for survivors of trauma, but they may not always realize it. This article provide an overview of trauma-informed care and practical approaches to implementing trauma-informed care in clinical settings.

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