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Transforming Healthcare Delivery

Expanding Healthcare Access

PHF is affiliated with PurpLE Family Health, a medical practice in New York City that provides trauma-informed healthcare for GBV survivors and their children. PHF's support of this entity ensures that the cost of healthcare for survivors is covered in full.

This affiliation informs the development and dissemination of PHF initiatives, such as:

  • Creating employment opportunities for survivors
  • Developing service provider training programs
  • Identifying replicable and scalable principles of healthcare delivery for GBV survivors and broader populations

Here are a few key principles of our PurpLE Model of Care

Healthcare includes both physical and mental health care.

Medical conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and anxiety impact both physical and mental health. For too long, these areas of health have been separated from each other, resulting in harmful challenges in access to and coordination of essential healthcare services for patients. Patients who have experienced significant trauma, such as human trafficking or domestic violence, require integrated medical services that co-address physical and mental health needs.

All PHF-supported healthcare services must be without direct cost to our patients.

People who have experienced gender-based violence  often experience co-existing financial trauma. Patients we worked with in PurpLE Clinic were often confronted with years of gaps in their resumes, no financial credit history, or faced severe debt and wage garnishment. All of these challenges impacted their health. It became clear that even a $1.99 copay for medications was not affordable and would expose patients to re-exploitation as a means of paying off medical bills. This established our commitment to creating a model of care that relieves our patients from the burden of medical debt, as they work on building their financial health.

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