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Human Trafficking and Health



Dr. Ravi was invited to the United States Health and Human Services Department's 10th Anniversary "Health and Human Trafficking" Symposium in Washington, DC, where she presented on the panel "Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Prevention of Human Trafficking."

This Exponential Medicine Conference presentation by Dr. Ravi highlights the implementation of survivor-informed healthcare design and delivery.

In this "Story Slam," Dr. Ravi shares how working with sex trafficking survivors on Rikers Island impacted her approach to clinical care.

Practice-based Pearls

Dr. Ravi was invited to be a guest blogger for the Reproductive Health Access Project during Sexual Assault Awareness Month. In Part 1, she shares how her experiences working with incarcerated sex trafficking survivors informed her approach to healthcare delivery.

Sexual Assault Awareness Month Blog Part 2:
"Z53.21 is the diagnosis code I dread. When we do our medical charting, it’s the code that we use for: “Procedure and treatment not carried out due to patient leaving prior to being seen by health care provider”. In medical slang we say “left without being seen.”

Sexual Assault Awareness Month Blog Part 3:
"The clinical team could not have known all of these things. But the unintended impact of their inclusions and omissions lives on in the medical charts of our patients, with far-reaching consequences- particularly for those who are already vulnerable to poor healthcare."

This letter to the editor highlights the importance of recognizing trafficking-informed language in medical education.

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