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Storytelling Video Library

This collection of presentations highlight PHF's key features: 

survivor-informed design, trauma-informed care, and

an approach sensitive to the social determinants of health. 


PHF's founding board member Keisha Walcott and CEO and Co-Founder Dr. Anita Ravi discuss why financial health is a key element in healthcare delivery for survivors of human trafficking. Through storytelling and visuals, this presentation will cover key parts of financial health as they relate to human trafficking, and the health-poverty trap that survivors experience, and ways in which the healthcare system can support the financial health of survivors through trauma-informed approaches.

At the 2020 Academy on Violence & Abuse annual conference, Dr. Anita Ravi discusses successes and limitations in the healthcare system's role in addressing sex trafficking.

Learn more about what drives the PurpLE Health Foundation's mission from our CEO and co-founder, Dr. Anita Ravi. In 2019, Dr. Ravi was invited to the American Academy of Family Physicians' national FMX Conference to share why she became a family medicine doctor, and why she "loves her why."

A 2 minute overview of the pilot work that led to creating PHF.

Dr. Ravi was invited to the United States Health and Human Services Department's 10th Anniversary "Health and Human Trafficking" Symposium in Washington, DC, where she presented on the panel "Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Prevention of Human Trafficking."

This Exponential Medicine Conference presentation by Dr. Ravi highlights the implementation of survivor-informed healthcare design and delivery.

In this "Story Slam," Dr. Ravi shares how working with sex trafficking survivors on Rikers Island impacted her approach to clinical care.

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